• Gene and microRNA Family Annotations
  • Gene Prediction Site and miRNA Family Annotations
  • Gene and miRNA Target Prediction Annotations
  • Human Gene Information and miRNA Prediction Site
  • Human Gene Information and miRNA Profiling
  • Human Gene Information and miRNA Target Prediction


  • Microrna
  • miRNA
  • microRNA
  • microRNA Sequencing
  • Prediction Site
  • miRNA Profiling
  • miRNA Target Prediction
  • miRNA Cancer
  • Human Gene Information
  • miRNA Annotations

Gene and miRNA Annotations Data Package

$358 $249 / YEAR

This data package contains dataset on microRNA sequences and families with annotations and dataset on human genes and their miRNA annotations.

This data package can be useful for further gene research and genetic studies.
Update Frequency: Irregular
Data Complexity: Complex
Number of Datasets: 2
1. Gene and miRNA Family Annotations ($179)
2. Human Gene Information and miRNA Annotations ($179)