Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System HCPCS Action Codes 2020

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The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) is a collection of codes that represent procedures, supplies, products and services which may be provided to Medicare beneficiaries and to individuals enrolled in private health insurance programs. These files contain the Level II alphanumeric HCPCS procedure and modifier codes and their type of change status.


The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code has refered to the changes made to a procedure or modifier code within the HCPCS system known as HCPCS Action Code.

Action codes are as follows:
– A-Add
– B-Change in both Coverage & Long Description
– C-Change in Long Description
– D-Discontinued
– F-Change in Coverage
– N-No Change
– P-Change in Payment
– R-Re-activated
– S-Change in Short Description
– T-Miscellaneous change (BETOS or Type of Service)

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2018-08-25 to 2019-07-31

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Billing Code and Action Codes 2020, HCPCS Book and Action Codes 2020, Common Procedure Coding System and Action Codes 2020

HCPCS_Modifier_CodeThese are 2 to 5 position alpha- numeric codes representing primarily items and non-physician services that are not represented in the level I modifiers and codes.stringunique : 1
Type_of_ChangeChanges made to action codesstring-
HCPCS Modifier CodeType of Change
A1No Change
A2No Change
A3No Change
A4No Change
A5No Change
A6No Change
A7No Change
A8No Change
A9No Change
AANo Change