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Hospital Compare Readmissions and Deaths Data Package

$2,416.50 $1,690 / YEAR

This accelator contains information about hospital readmission
and deaths as well as hospital excess readmission reduction program. It also includes data over hospital value based purchasing program for years 2017 and 2018. It comprises of datasets about readmission rates by age, gender, patient residence, payer, zip code and median income.

Useful for doctors, medical health planners, policy makers, patients, medical research groups and medical students. Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) and Readmissions and Deaths database is available on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website in raw form, whereas a John Snow Labs (JSL) customer gets it in a clean and normalized form ready to use and create his own custom reports. Easy to comprehend for the customers who are unfamiliar with the medical terminologies as all abbreviated terms are replaced with full form, unlike Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) original datasets which have many abbreviations. Recent dataset for 2018 is available for use.
1. Hospital Excess Readmissions Reduction Program ($447.5)
2. Hospital Value Based Purchasing Program Actual Payment Adjustment ($179)
3. Hospital Value Based Purchasing Program ($179)
4. Maryland Potentially Avoidable Utilization Savings Policy 2015 ($179)
5. Maryland Readmission Reduction Incentive Program for RY 2014-2015 ($447.5)
6. Readmissions Payment Adjustment Factors ($179)
7. Readmissions and Deaths by Hospital ($447.5)
8. Readmissions and Deaths by National ($179)
9. Readmissions and Deaths by State ($179)