Hospital Emergency Medical Services Utilization Trends 2009-2013

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The dataset contains Emergency Department Services Level, Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) Trauma Center Designation Level and Emergency Department services availability for all licensed, comparable hospitals and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals in California, 2009 through 2013.


Emergency Departments (EDs) are found in approximately 2 out every 3 California hospitals. They are licensed to provide 24-hour outpatient emergency medical services and are a critical point of entry to inpatient hospital care. EDs are licensed at a Standby, Basic, or Comprehensive level depending upon the level of emergency care provided. The California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) defines basic, standby, and comprehensive emergency services as follows: Basic service level provides emergency medical care in a specifically designated part of the hospital that is staffed and equipped at all times to provide prompt care for any patient presenting urgent medical problems. Standby service level provides emergency medical care in a specially designated part of the hospital that is equipped and maintained at all times to receive patients with urgent medical problems and is capable of providing physician service within a reasonable time. Comprehensive service level provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for unforeseen physical and mentail disorders that, if not properly treated, whould lead to marked suffering, disability, or death. The scope of services in comprehensive with in-house capabilitity for managing all medical situations on a definitive and continuing basis.

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California State Emergency Utilization Trend 2009-2013, Emergency Medical Services Utilization Trend California State 2009-2013, California State Emergency Medical Information 2009-2013

OSHPD_IDA unique number established by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) for identifying facilities and used in the Licensed Facility Information System (LFIS). The first three numbers identify the type of facility, the next two represent the county number, and the last five are randomly assigned within each county.stringmaxLength : 10
YearCalendar year of reported data.stringmaxLength : 4
County_NameThe county where the hospital is located.stringmaxLength : 20
Facility_NameThe hospital’s licensed name.stringmaxLength : 77
Type_Of_ControlThe ownership type of the hospital.stringmaxLength : 45
Emergency_Department_LevelHospital services providing immediate initial evaluation and treatment of acutely ill or injured patients on a 24-hour basis. Licensed EMS levels are: Standby, Basic and ComphrehensivestringmaxLength : 12
EMSA_Trauma_Center_DesignationEMSA Trauma Center Designation: Emergency Medical Services Agency trauma center designation level. Level I & II, Level I & II Pediatric, Level III & IVstringmaxLength : 22
Emergency_Medical_ServiceEmergency Medical Services: Professional emergency medical services available on premise.stringmaxLength : 14
Available_24_HoursAvailable 24 Hours: Licensed medical personnel are at the facility 24 hours a day for the specified service.stringmaxLength : 3
Available_On_CallAvailable On-Call: Licensed medical personnel are not necessarily at the facility, but are available on-call for the specified service.stringmaxLength : 3
1061640292010KingsAdventist Medical Center0BasicNonePharmacyNoNo
1061640292010KingsAdventist Medical Center0BasicNonePhysicianNoNo
1061640292010KingsAdventist Medical Center0BasicNoneRadiologyNoNo
1062600112009MonoMammoth HospitalDistrictStandbyNonePharmacyNoYes
1062600112010MonoMammoth HospitalDistrictStandbyNonePharmacyNoYes
1062600112011MonoMammoth HospitalDistrictStandbyNonePharmacyNoYes
1062600112012MonoMammoth HospitalDistrictStandbyNonePharmacyNoYes
1062600112013MonoMammoth HospitalDistrictStandbyNonePharmacyNoYes
1063010972013OrangeAnaheim General Hospital0BasicNonePharmacyNoNo
1060107352009AlamedaAlameda HospitalDistrictBasicNonePharmacyNoYes