List of Companies in The New York Stock Exchange

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This dataset contains a detailed information on companies listed in the NYSE (The New York Stock Exchange).

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The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is a stock exchange company based in New York City that is considered the largest equities-based exchange in the world, based on total market capitalization of its listed securities. Formerly run as a private organization, the NYSE became a public entity in 2005 following the acquisition of electronic trading exchange Archipelago. The parent company of the New York Stock Exchange is now called NYSE Euronext, following a merger with the European exchange in 2007; the NYSE Euronext was acquired by Intercontinental Exchange.

A series of mergers have given the New York Stock Exchange its massive size and global presence. The company started as NYSE before adding the American Stock Exchange and merging with the Euronext. The NYSE was purchased in an $11 billion deal by the Intercontinental Exchange in 2013.

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NYSE Listings, Companies in the NYSE Exchanges, NYSE Listed Companies

ACT_SymbolIdentifier for each security used in ACT (Automated Confirmation Transaction Service) and CTCI (Computer-to-computer interface) connectivity protocol. Typical identifiers have 1-5 character root symbol and then 1-3 characters for suffixes, allowing up to 14 characters.stringrequired : 1
Company_NameNYSE listed company namestringrequired : 1
ACT SymbolCompany Name
AAgilent Technologies, Inc. Common Stock
AAAlcoa Inc. Common Stock
AA$BAlcoa Inc. Depository Shares Representing 1/10th Preferred Convertilble Class B Series 1
AACAAC Holdings, Inc. Common Stock
AANAaron's, Inc. Common Stock
AAPAdvance Auto Parts Inc Advance Auto Parts Inc W/I
AATAmerican Assets Trust, Inc. Common Stock
AAVAdvantage Oil & Gas Ltd Ordinary Shares
ABAllianceberstein Holding L.P. Units
ABBABB Ltd Common Stock
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