Medicare Part A and B Enrollments Revalidation Phase III Target List

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This dataset consists of Medicare Phase III target list which revalidates all remaining providers including providers reassigning their benefits to some of the large organizations they are affiliated with. Large organizations are considered as groups with 200 or more reassignments.


CMS will provide the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) 9 lists every 60 days of those providers required to revalidate. MACs will have 60 days from receipt of the list to mail the letters. MACs may stagger the mailings however they see fit as long as they are completed within that 60 day timeframe.

Within 15 days of receiving the CMS list, MACs will mail a notification letter to the large organizations giving them a heads up that members of their group will be receiving a request to revalidate in the next 60 days.

The letter will be mailed to the group’s correspondence address and will contain a spreadsheet identifying the provider’s Name, NPI and specialty (see attached sample letter and spreadsheet).

The group notification letter is just a heads up. Providers/group should not take any action to revalidate based on the notification letter sent. Providers/group should wait until they receive the official revalidation letter from the MAC in a colored envelope before taking any action. CMS will look into whether a specific color can be used by all MACs.

CMS we will work with each MAC to ensure they are sending the group notification letter to the enrollment contact.

CMS encourages providers/groups to revalidate online. Doing so gives the providers/groups a head start. They are able to prepare the app but should wait to submit and e-sign until the revalidation letter is received.

Revalidation letters are sent to the provider’s special payment and correspondence address. If the provider reassigns to multiple groups and another group’s address is listed as their special payment address/correspondence address, that group will receive the letter. If your group is responsible for maintaining the provider’s enrollment then you should work with your providers to update their correspondence address to match yours or have them on the lookout for the revalidation letter.

Extensions are still available if more time is needed to complete the revalidation process. Extension requests should be coordinated with your MAC. If needed, CMS will coordinate group extensions rather than requiring each provider to request an extension individually.

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Medicare Revalidation Phase III Target List for Providers and Suppliers, Medicare Part A and B Enrollments Revalidation Target List

National_Provider_IdentifierUniversal identifier of healthcare providers. Also called NPIstringrequired : 1
Name_of_ProviderLegal business name of the provider (organizations only) and first and last name of the provider (individual)string-
Enrollment_State_CodeCode for the US state of the Medicare contractor that assisted in the enrollmentstringrequired : 1
1770743593SU XUFL
1861454035YU LIIA
1558347310JI LIIL
1558351759BO XUCT
1871558627J LEECA
1821216342YE YENE
1851411771YI LINY
1215977327LI LIMA
1568456861SU YIDC