• Medicare Providers and Suppliers 2018
  • Medicare Part A and B Enrollments Revalidation Target List
  • Medicare Physician National File
  • Medicare Enrollment Revalidation Due Date List for Providers and Suppliers 2016
  • Medicare Providers Services for Moratorium on New Providers


  • Physician Enrollment
  • Provider Enrollment Data
  • Medicare Enrollment
  • Medicare Revalidations
  • Medicare Phase III Target List
  • Medicare Enrollment Application
  • Provider Enrollment Data
  • Physician Compare
  • Medicare Providers and Suppliers
  • Fee for Service Beneficiaries

Medicare Provider Services and Utilization Data Package

$2,864 $2,003 / YEAR

- Providers and suppliers can: View and print enrollment information - Complete the enrollment revalidation process - Track the status of a submitted Medicare enrollment application
1. Base Provider Enrollment File ($447.5)
2. Essential Community Providers Dental Services ($179)
3. Medicare Part A and B Enrollments Revalidation Phase III Target List ($179)
4. Medicare Physician National Downloadable File ($716)
5. Medicare Providers and Suppliers Revalidation Due Date List 2016 ($447.5)
6. Moratoria Provider Services and Utilization at State and County Level ($716)
7. Revalidation Notice List for Providers Enrolled Before 2011-03-25 ($179)

This data package contains information on Medicare enrollment level data for providers organized at the individual level, Phase III target list which revalidates all remaining providers, a list of due dates by which the provider/supplier’s revalidation application must reach their MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractor), number of Medicare providers servicing a geographic region and the number of Medicare beneficiaries who use a health service area and a list of all providers and suppliers who have been mailed a revalidation notice.