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Pharma Data Package

$876 / YEAR

This data package contains UK controlled drugs database, US food prices database, US nationwide food consumption survey, US national health and nutrition examination survey, US healthy eating index and data on food affordability for households led by females.

Useful for healthcare researchers. Useful for agricultural predictions and analysis. Easy access controlled drug list in a normalized form.
1. Adoption of Herbicide Tolerant and Insect Resistant Crops ($0)
2. CNPP Food Prices Database 2003-2004 ($0)
3. Food Affordability for Households Led by Females ($0)
4. Healthy Eating Index 2001-2002 ($0)
5. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey ($0)
6. Total Diet Study Food Consumption Amounts 2003 ($0)
7. UK Controlled Drugs List ($0)