Food Affordability for Households Led by Females

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This dataset contains data on the average cost of a market basket of nutritious food items relative to income for female-headed households with children under the age of 18, for California, its regions, counties, and cities/towns. The affordability ratio uses data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Census Bureau.

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An adequate, nutritious diet is a necessity at all stages of life. Inadequate diets can impair intellectual performance and have been linked to more frequent school absence and poorer educational achievement in children. Nutrition also plays a significant role in causing or preventing a number of illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, some cancers, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and anemia.
At least two factors influence the affordability of food and the dietary choices of families – the cost of food and family income. The inability to afford food is a major factor in food insecurity, which has a spectrum of effects including anxiety over food sufficiency or food shortages, reduced quality or desirability of diet, disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake. This dataset covers the the data from the year 2006 to 2010, “Indicator ID” that has been used is “757” (Food affordability for female-headed household with children under 18 years).

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Health Community Indicator, Social Determinants of Health, Healthy Community Indicator, Food Affordability, Food Insecurity, Food, Female-headed Household Budget

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Food Affordability for Female-headed Household, Food Affordability for Families in California, Food Affordability for Female-headed Household With Children

Race_Ethnicity_CodeCode for a race/ethnicity group: 1=American Indian or Alaska Native (AIAN), 2=Asian, 3=Black or African American (AfricanAm), 4=Latino, 5=Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (NHOPI), 6=White, 7= Multiple, 8=Other, 9=Totalintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Race_Ethnicity_NameName of race/ethnic group: AIAN (American Indian or Alaska Native), Asian, African American, Latino, NHOPI (Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander), White, Multiple, Other, Totalstringrequired : 1
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Region_NameMetropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) regions as reported in the 2010 California Regional Progress Reportstringrequired : 1
Region_CodeMetropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)-based region code: 01=Bay Area, 02=Butte, 03=Central/Southeast Sierra, 04=Monterey Bay, 05=North Coast, 06=Northeast Sierra, 07=Northern Sacramento Valley, 08=Sacramento Area, 09=San Diego, 10=San Joaquin Valley, 11=San Luis Obispo, 12=Santa Barbara, 13=Shasta, 14=Southern Californiaintegerlevel : Nominal
Annual_Food_CostThe annual cost of food is based on the USDA’s low-cost food plan, which includes a market basket of items that families would have to purchase to provide a nutritious diet for each family member.number-
Median_IncomeMedian income of female headed family with children less than 18 yrs.numberlevel : Ratio
Affordability_RatioRatio of food cost to income for female headed family with children less than 18 years.numberlevel : Ratio
LL95_Affordability_RatioLower limit of 95% confidence intervalnumberlevel : Ratio
UL95_Affordability_RatioUpper limit of 95% confidence intervalnumberlevel : Ratio
Percent_Standard_ErrorStandard error of percentagenumberlevel : Ratio
Percent_Relative_Standard_ErrorRelative standard error (se/percent * 100) expressed as a percentnumberlevel : Ratio
California_Decile_GroupCalifornia places and/or census tracts into 10 groups (or deciles) according to the distribution of values of the affordability ratio. Equal values or 'ties' are assigned the mean decile rank.integerlevel : Nominal
California_Rate_RatioThis indicates how many times the local percentage is higher or lower than the state percentage. Values higher than 1 indicate local rates are higher than state rates.numberlevel : Ratio
Average_Family_SizeAverage family size for a female headed family with children less than 18 years, specific to a geography, all races combined.integerlevel : Ratio
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6WhitePL51574Nord CDPButte6007Butte22013-04-12T04:33:00
8OtherPL51574Nord CDPButte6007Butte22013-04-12T04:33:00
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