Procedures Performed in Acute Hospitals by Treatment Setting

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This dataset provides information about NHS procedures performed in acute hospitals by treatment across Scotland. It includes procedure, procedure type and admission type information for acute care hospital services.


Scotland has some of the best health service data in the world. Few other countries have information which combines high quality data, consistency, national coverage and the ability to link data to allow patient based analysis and follow up. The Information Services Division (ISD) is a division of National Services Scotland, part of NHS Scotland. ISD provides health information, health intelligence, statistical services and advice that support the NHS in progressing quality improvement in health and care and facilitates robust planning and decision making.

This dataset provides four procedures (the main procedure code pair and three secondary procedure code pairs) may be recorded per hospital episode, using the Office for Population Censuses and Surveys Classification of Surgical Operation and Procedures (OPCS). A list of OPCS codes that make up the presented groupings can be found in the ‘Clinical Coding’ worksheet. ‘Other procedure codes’ relates to any other procedure codes not included in the previous groupings. Certain procedures (e.g. Joint aspiration, Bladder catheterization) may be an underestimate of the total number of procedures performed. This is due to a number of reasons including non-recording or under-recording in clinical summaries and incomplete coding. Also, there is currently no national data on procedures performed in Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments. The total number of colposcopies combines colposcopy of vagina and colposcopy of cervix.

Inpatient data derived from data collected on discharges from non-obstetric and non-psychiatric hospitals (SMR01) in Scotland. Only patients treated as inpatients or day cases are included. The specialty of geriatric long stay is excluded. Outpatient data are taken from the Scottish Morbidity Record 00 (SMR00) for outpatient attendances which collects patient-based data on new attendances at outpatient clinics in all specialties (except A&E and Genito-Urinary Medicine). In Scotland it should be noted that ‘Total knee replacement’ includes unicompartmental knee replacement.

Data completeness SMR01 returns are approximately 99% complete in NHS Scotland for financial year 2016-2017.

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Acute Hospitals by Treatment, Acute Hospital Specialties, Clinical Coding, Health Intelligence, Non-Obstetric Hospitals, Non-Psychiatric Hospitals, Information Services Division, Statistical Services, Acute Care Hospital Services, Patient Based Analysis

Other Titles

Acute Hospital Care Performance Measure by Treatment Setting, Information Services Division for Procedures Performed in Scottish Hospitals, Number of Procedures Performed in Acute Hospital Services in Scotland by Treatment Setting

Discharge_Financial_Start_YearIndicates the start of discharge financial year for which the data was
Discharge_Financial_End_YearIndicates the end of discharge financial year for which the data was
Location_NameRepresents the name of the location.string-
ProcedureIndicates the different procedures being performed in a specific acute hospital.string-
Procedure_TypeIndicates the type of procedure.string-
Admission_TypeIndicates the admission type of the procedure.string-
Total_AdmissionsRefers to the total number of admissions.integerlevel : Ratio
Total_Procedures_For_All_PositionsIndicates the total number of procedures for all positions.integerlevel : Ratio
Total_Procedures_Excluding_Imaging_Injections_Infusions_XrayIndicates the total number of procedures excluding imaging, injections, infusions and x-rays.integerlevel : Ratio
Discharge Financial Start YearDischarge Financial End YearLocation NameProcedureProcedure TypeAdmission TypeTotal AdmissionsTotal Procedures For All PositionsTotal Procedures Excluding Imaging Injections Infusions Xray
20162017National Waiting Times CentreDay caseAll Admission Types1633016115
20162017National Waiting Times CentreDay caseElective1632416109
20162017National Waiting Times CentreDay caseTransfer66
20162017National Waiting Times CentreInpatient - discharged same dayAll Admission Types12151082
20162017National Waiting Times CentreInpatient - discharged same dayElective643553
20162017National Waiting Times CentreInpatient - discharged same dayEmergency327308
20162017National Waiting Times CentreInpatient - discharged same dayTransfer245221
20162017National Waiting Times CentreInpatient - Overnight StayAll Admission Types1599415415
20162017National Waiting Times CentreInpatient - Overnight StayElective95469305
20162017National Waiting Times CentreInpatient - Overnight StayEmergency17441680