School Level Graduation Outcomes 2010-2011

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This dataset is the statistical record that provides School level graduation outcomes by years 2010 to 2011.

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The New York State graduation rate calculation method was first adopted for the Cohort of 2001. The cohort consists of all students who first entered ninth grade in a given school year. Graduates are defined as those students earning either a Local or Regents diploma and exclude those earning either a special education or Individualized Education Program (IEP) diploma or General Equivalency Development or General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

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School Level Graduation, School Graduation, Graduation Outcomes, School Outcomes

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School Education Outcomes, School Graduation Outcomes 2010 to 2011

Name Description Type Constraints
Data_Base_NumberA unique identification number for database record for saving school progress report school wise.string-
School_NameName of Schoolstring-
Cohort_YearCohort Yeardate-
DemographicsDemographic variable distribution for each Cohortstring-
Total_Cohort_NumberTotal number of Cohortintegerlevel : Ratio
Total_Grade_NumberTotal number of Graduatesintegerlevel : Ratio
Number_Achieving_APMNumber of Achieving Aspirational Performance Measureintegerlevel : Ratio
Cohort_Achieving_PercentagePercentage of Achieving Cohortnumberlevel : Ratio
Graduate_Achieving_PercentagePercentage of Grads Achievingnumberlevel : Ratio
02M298PACE HIGH SCHOOL2006English Language Learner10
11X265BRONX LAB SCHOOL2006English Language Learner97
11X265BRONX LAB SCHOOL2007English Language Learner72
02M414NYC MUSEUM SCHOOL2006English Language Learner11
02M414NYC MUSEUM SCHOOL2007English Language Learner21
04M695URBAN PEACE ACADEMY2006English Language Learner33
14K322FOUNDATIONS ACADEMY2007English Language Learner41
15K520PACIFIC HIGH SCHOOL2006English Language Learner40
24Q744VOYAGES PREPARATORY2006English Language Learner81
24Q744VOYAGES PREPARATORY2007English Language Learner50