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Schools for Life Safety Evaluations

This dataset contains NYC (New York City) Safe Routes to Schools (Priority Schools). DOT (Department of Transportation) analyzed citywide crash data and school data in order to identify a new group of 135 public, private and parochial elementary and middle schools Priority Schools. Each of DOT’s Priority Schools receives an individualized planning study which determines both short-term and long-term measures to improve safety.

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DOT School Safety implements the City’s Vision Zero program by developing street improvement projects near schools. The unit focuses on street redesigns and runs the city’s School Slow Zone program whereby speed limits are reduced near schools. School Safety works with communities, schools, elected officials and other units throughout the agency to identify and implement safety projects, and coordinate the implementation of concrete, markings, signals and signage-based safety treatments. In addition, School Safety installs “school” signage on the immediate approach to school property to alert drivers to the presence of students.

DOT School Safety strives to implement changes quickly using in house crews, and works closely with school communities to respond to safety concerns. School Safety focuses its efforts on high crash corridors and intersections near schools and works with units throughout the agency to quickly plan, design, and implement traffic calming projects.

DOT School Safety installs School Slow Zones adjacent to schools to reduce crashes and create a more comfortable pedestrian environment. In a School Slow Zone the speed limit is lowered to 20 mph during school days. If a speed bump is feasible the speed limit is reduced to 15 mph. School Slow Zones are generally installed on streets with only one moving lane per direction.

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New York City, United States


John Snow Labs; Data City of New York;

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NYC Safe Routes, Safe Routes, Routes to Schools, Safe Routes to Schools, DOT School Safety, School Slow Zones, Life Safety Evaluations

Other Titles

NYC Crash Data and School Data, NYC Priority Schools Data

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
BoroughBorough where school is locatedstring-
Community_BoardCommunity Board where school is locatedintegerlevel : Nominal
School_TypeType of schoolstring-
School_Name_Or_IDName of schoolstring-
School_AddressStreet address of schoolstring-
PostcodeZIP (5-digits only) codes as US postal codesintegerlevel : Nominal
LatitudeLatitude location of schoolnumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of schoolnumber-
Council_DistrictCity Council District where school is locatedintegerlevel : Nominal
Census_TractUS Census Bureau Tractintegerlevel : Nominal
Building_Identification_NumberBuilding Identification Number. Can be used to look up additional information in DoITT and Cityintegerlevel : Nominal
Borough_Block_Lot_CodeLand parcel Borough, Block, Lot code. Can be used to lookup additional information about the school propertyintegerlevel : Nominal
Neighborhood_Tabulation_AreasBoundaries of Neighborhood Tabulation Areas as created by the NYC Department of City Planningstring-

Data Preview

BoroughCommunity BoardSchool TypeSchool Name Or IDSchool AddressPostcodeLatitudeLongitudeCouncil DistrictCensus TractBuilding Identification NumberBorough Block Lot CodeNeighborhood Tabulation Areas
Bronx1PublicP.S. 157 GROVE HILL757 Caudwell Avenue1045640.819258000000005-73.908553177520044642026250001Melrose South-Mott Haven North
Bronx2PublicP.S. 60 (New School #2)888 Rev James A. Polite Avenue1045940.820403000000006-73.898912178720053482026960085Longwood
Bronx3PublicHARRIET TUBMAN CHARTER SCHOOL3565 3rd Avenue1045640.83201-73.9053921614520013312023730014Claremont-Bathgate
Bronx3PublicP.S. 132 GARRETT A. MORGAN SCHOOL1245 Washington Avenue1045640.831827000000004-73.9066071614520016192023900001Claremont-Bathgate
Bronx3PublicP.S. 140 EAGLE SCHOOL916 Eagle Avenue1045640.823289-73.9079481718520044692026270009Morrisania-Melrose
Bronx4PublicFAMILY LIFE ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL14 West 170th Street1045240.840421-73.9182931621920082922028560029Highbridge
Bronx4PublicGRAND CONCOURSE ADADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL116 East 169th Street1045240.836965-73.917383162210220028582024660011West Concourse
Bronx4PublicJHS 166 ROBERTO CLEMENTE SCHOOL250 East 164 Street1045640.828696-73.917668161830220024972024460043East Concourse-Concourse Village
Bronx4PublicP.S. 64 PURA BELPRE SCHOOL1425 Walton Avenue1045240.840096-73.915568999999991622320080982028430040West Concourse
Bronx4PublicP.S. 88 S. SILVERSTEIN LITTLE SPARROW SCHOOL1340 Sheridan Avenue1045640.837275-73.913574161790220945332028300017East Concourse-Concourse Village