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  • List of Drugs Causing Psychiatric Disorders
  • List of Drugs Causing Depression as a Side Effect
  • Prescription Drugs That Cause Depression
  • Over the Counter Overdose Suicide
  • How to Prevent Suicide


  • Depression
  • Warning Signs of Suicide
  • Suicide Drugs List
  • Suicide by Drug Overdose
  • Psychiatric Disorders
  • Depression as Side Effect
  • Depression Causing Drugs
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Drugs Causing Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide Data Data Package

This accelerator contains information about reasons and methods involved in attempting a suicide. It also provides a comprehensive list of prescription drugs which might cause depression or other psychiatric disorders as a side effect that lead to suicidal ideation and failed or successful suicidal attempts.

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- Useful for physicians, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, medical students and patients (general public) - Enhance patients awareness regarding the risks involved in taking drug treatments that are associated with suicidal behavior - Preventive care