UK Greater London Public Expenditures

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This dataset contains data about The Greater London Authority (GLA) and The Greater London Authority Holdings Ltd. (GLAP), public expenditures over 250 pounds (excluding VAT), broken down by services providers, expenditures accounts description, clearing date, the main organizational structures (directorates) and type of service, starting with the financial year(FY) 2013-2014.

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The source of data is The Greater London Authority, which releases updates approximately every month. The UK’s financial year starts on 1st of April and ends next year on 31st of March.

The data about the amount of expenditures are broken down by financial years, services providers, expenditures accounts description and clearing date.

The Greater London Authority is responsible for ensuring that its businesses are conducted in accordance with the law and proper standards and that public money is safeguarded, properly accounted for and used economically, efficiently and effectively. According to the latest information, The Greater London Authority (as a group) comprises the following functional bodies:
– Greater London Authority (GLA);
– Greater London Authority Holdings Ltd (GLAP). and its subsidiary organization, its GLA Land and Property Ltd.;
– London Legacy Development Corporation;
– Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation.
The main responsibilities of GLA as a group include transport, policing, fire and rescue, housing, regeneration and strategic planning.

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Greater London Authority Public Expenditure, London Public Expenditures 2013-2014, London Public Expenditures 2014-2015, London Public Expenditures 2015-2016, London Public Expenditures 2016-2017, London Public Expenditures 2017-2018

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Greater London Public Spending From FY 2013-2014 To FY 2017-2018, Greater London Public Spending By Providers And Expenditure Types

UK_FY_Start_YearFirst year of the UK financial year (FY) starting which 1st of April and ending on 31st of March, next year (end year)daterequired : 1
UK_FY_End_YearSecond year of the UK financial year (FY) starting which 1st of April and ending on 31st of March, next year (end year)daterequired : 1
Services_Provider_IDThe unique ID corresponding to a service providerintegerlevel : Nominal
Services_Provider_NameThe name of the service provider to which GLA transferred an amount of money, at a specific datestring-
Expenditure_Account_Cost_ElementThe ID of the public expenditure typeintegerrequired : 1 level : Nominal
Expenditure_Account_DescriptionThe description of expenditure account from which was made the transfer of a specific amount of money to a service providerstring-
Document_NumberThe unique ID corresponding to the document where the expenditure is recordedintegerlevel : Nominal
Cost_Of_Services_In_PoundsThe amount of money (in pounds) transferred to service provider from a particular expenditure account at a specific datenumberlevel : Ratio
Clearing_DateThe date on which the transfer of money to a service provider from a particular expenditure account, beginsdate-
DirectorateThe name of directorate responsible for a particular public expenditure made on a specific datestring-
Service_TypeThe type of service for which a transfer of money to a service provider took place on a specific datestring-
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