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  • US Medical Expenses
  • Average Annual Percent Growth in Health Care
  • Medicare Health Expenditures by State of Provider


  • Health Care Plans
  • Helath Insurance Premium
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  • Private Health Insurance
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US Healthcare and Medicare Cost and Budget Data Package

$1,074 $750 / YEAR

This data package contains the information of Medicare and Medicaid healthcare spending and healthcare cost and percentages by state.

Useful for healthcare professionals which includes services of hospital care, physician and clinical services, other professional services, prescription drugs and other medical nondurables
1. Medicaid Health Care Spending by State ($179)
2. Medicare Health Care Spending by State ($179)
3. US Healthcare Costs Percentage Increase by Residence ($179)
4. US Healthcare Costs by Residence ($179)
5. US Healthcare Costs by Services and Residence ($179)
6. US Healthcare Spending by State ($179)