• US DALY, YLL and YLD for 1990 and 2010
  • US Life Expectancy by County
  • US Adult Life Expectancy


  • Global Burden of Disease
  • Risk Factors of Disease
  • Disability Adjusted Life Year (DALY)
  • Years of Life Lost (YLL)
  • Years Lived with Disability (YLD)
  • Life Expectancy
  • Health Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE)

US Life Expectancy Data Data Package

$1,074 $750 / YEAR

This data package contains datasets on causes, risk factor, deaths, death rate, years of life lost (YLL), years lived with disability (YLD), disability-adjusted life years (DALY), life expectancy and health-adjusted life expectancy (HALE) from the global burden of disease in the United States.

This data is useful for researchers and policymakers to compare very different populations and health conditions across time. This can be used for further research; public health officials and program managers for potential interventions, setting priority areas for action and evaluating progress; policymakers for policy use and development; public health practitioner and clinicians' aid in designing and implementing targeted interventions and monitoring the progress of public health strategies.
1. US Global Burden of Disease By Cause ($179)
2. US Global Burden of Disease by Risk Factor ($179)
3. US Life Expectancy 1980 to 2014 ($179)
4. US Life Expectancy 1985 to 2010 ($179)
5. US Life Expectancy 1987 to 2007 ($179)
6. US Life Expectancy by Age and Sex ($179)