Weights Measures and Other Tests

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This dataset features detailed information about DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) inspections of scales, measuring devices, pricing and other equipment.


The Weights & Measures Program has the responsibility for ensuring fairness in all commercial transactions involving weighing and measuring devices. The Department also maintains a Metrology Laboratory which certifies weighing and measuring testing equipment to validate the accuracy of these standards. The lab certification services are available for government, commercial and private entities.
Legal metrology means that part of metrology which treats units of weighment and measurement, methods of weighment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments, in relation to the mandatory technical and legal requirements which have the objects of ensuring public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of the weighments and measurements.
Responsibility of the Centre and the States in relation to weights and measures
Weights and measure unit in the Department under the Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs
Legal Arrangement
Training of personnel
Regional Reference Standards Laboratories
International Co-operation

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Weights and Measures, Inspection of Scales, Measure Devices, Weights and Measures Prices, Weight Equipments

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Weights, Measures, and Other Tests, Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Consumer Affairs Weights and Measures

Record_IDAn identification number assigned by DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) to record each inspection. For DCA office tracking purposes.string-
Business_NamePrimary Business Name.string-
IndustryThe category that describes the business.string-
Certificate_NumberCertificate number issued to the business upon inspection. Note that there may be multiple certificate numbers for a single inspection.numberlevel : Nominal
Inspection_DateDate when DCA conducted inspection.date-
Inspection_ResultResult of inspection (e.g., No Violation Issued, Violation Issued, Pass, Fail)string-
Test_TypeThe test performed and the type of equipment tested.string-
Approved_ItemsThe number of items that passed the inspection.numberlevel : Ratio
DCA_Condemned_ItemsThe number of items that DCA condemned.integerlevel : Ratio
DCA_Confiscated_ItemsThe number of items that DCA confiscated.integerlevel : Ratio
NotesThis section is used only if the Inspection Result is “Fail” and the Test Type is “MISC FUEL OIL CHECK-94.” It provides an explanation of why the fuel oil truck was condemned.string-
Building_NumberThe building number of the business’s address.string-
StreetThe street name of the business’s address.string-
CityThe city where the business is located.string-
State_AbbreviationThe state where the business is located.string-
Zip_CodeThe zip code where the business is located.integerlevel : Nominal
UnitThe unit number of the business’s address.string-
LatitudeLatitude of business’s address.number-
LongitudeLongitude of business’s address.number-
868-2019-ENFOSAPORI NYC INCRetail Store - 82030916752019-01-29PassSCALE TO 33 LBS-011
76072-2017-ENFOSUDSATIONAL LAUNDROMAT, INCLaundries30768442018-03-12PassSCALE TO 661 LBS-021
50863-2017-ENFOPETRO INC.Fuel Oil Dealer - 814400035292017-08-14PassTANK TRUCK-721556058TH STMASPETHNY11378
47863-2017-ENFODELTATravel Agency - 44030737032017-07-31PassSCALE TO 661 LBS-0211MAIN TERMINALFLUSHINGNY11371
50713-2017-ENFOQC LAUNDROMAT INCLaundries30711592017-09-06PassSCALE TO 661 LBS-021398 Amboy StBrooklynNY11212
43786-2017-ENFOSPIRITTravel Agency - 44030717002017-07-10PassSCALE TO 661 LBS-0241MAIN TERMINALFLUSHINGNY11371
44512-2017-ENFODELTATravel Agency - 44030717022017-07-11PassSCALE TO 661 LBS-02271MAIN TERMINALFLUSHINGNY11371
44501-2017-ENFODELTATravel Agency - 44030715022017-07-11PassSCALE TO 661 LBS-02211MAIN TERMINALFLUSHINGNY11371
43742-2017-ENFODELTATravel Agency - 44030715012017-07-10FailSCALE TO 661 LBS-02711MAIN TERMINALFLUSHINGNY11371
43755-2017-ENFOUNITEDTravel Agency - 44030717012017-07-10PassSCALE TO 661 LBS-0291MAIN TERMINALFLUSHINGNY11371