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The YTS (Youth Tobacco Survey) was developed to provide states with comprehensive data on both middle school and high school students regarding tobacco use, exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, smoking cessation, school curriculum, minors’ ability to purchase or otherwise obtain tobacco products, knowledge and attitudes about tobacco, and familiarity with pro-tobacco and anti-tobacco media messages.


YTS (Youth Tobacco Survey) collects data from students in grades 6 through 12. Individual State Departments of Health plan and implement the survey with assistance from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) staff in OSH (Office on Smoking and Health). The YTS is intended to enhance the capacity of state agencies and organizations to design, implement, and evaluate tobacco prevention and control programs for the purposes of preventing young people from using tobacco and helping current users quit.

The YTS measures the following components:

– Knowledge and attitudes regarding tobacco use
– Exposure to media and advertising
– Information on the enforcement of minors’ access regulations and laws
– Presence of tobacco programs in school curricula
– Cessation attempts and successes
– Second hand smoke exposure
– Prevalence of other tobacco products (i.e., pipe use, bidis, kreteks, and snus)

The YTS Startup Package was developed in response to the continuous technical assistance being requested by states implementing the Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS). The documents are typically sent to states via email in a “zip” file. States receive the master file soon after they’ve contacted the Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) expressing an interest in conducting a YTS.

The YTS uses a two-stage cluster sample design to produce representative samples of students in middle schools (grades 6–8) and high schools (grades 9–12). The data for the STATE System were extracted from Youth Tobacco Surveys from participating states. Tobacco topics included are cigarette smoking prevalence, cigarette smoking frequency, smokeless tobacco products prevalence and quit attempts. The data includes all races and all age groups.

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John Snow Labs; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System;

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Youth Tobacco Use Survey 1999-2015, Youth Exposure to Tobacco

Survey_YearThe year in which the survey was conducted.daterequired : 1
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2013KSKansasCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSFrequent769FemaleMiddle School38.3477403-98.20078123106BEH166SSA3GEN8AGE6RAC1EDUYTS099
2002GUGuamCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSEver71.3267.475.1716MaleHigh School13.444304144.793731106BEH166SSA2GEN8AGE6RAC2EDUYTS088
2004VIVirgin IslandsCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSFrequent450MaleHigh School18.335765-64.896335106BEH166SSA2GEN8AGE6RAC2EDUYTS099
2002GUGuamCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSEver67.32.26371.5757FemaleHigh School13.444304144.793731106BEH166SSA3GEN8AGE6RAC2EDUYTS088
2004OHOhioCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSFrequent3115733FemaleMiddle School40.06021014-82.40426006106BEH166SSA3GEN8AGE6RAC1EDUYTS099
2002OHOhioSmokeless Tobacco Use (Youth)User StatusYTSFrequent700FemaleHigh School40.06021014-82.40426006151BEH169USS3GEN8AGE6RAC2EDUYTS1212
2002GUGuamCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSFrequent131.510.116761FemaleHigh School13.444304144.793731106BEH166SSA3GEN8AGE6RAC2EDUYTS099
2008OHOhioCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSCurrent5.113.27782MaleMiddle School40.06021014-82.40426006106BEH166SSA2GEN8AGE6RAC1EDUYTS077
2007UTUtahCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSEver8.81.4611.6661MaleMiddle School39.36070017-111.5871306106BEH166SSA2GEN8AGE6RAC1EDUYTS088
2007UTUtahCigarette Use (Youth)Smoking StatusYTSFrequent0.50.31682MaleMiddle School39.36070017-111.5871306106BEH166SSA2GEN8AGE6RAC1EDUYTS099