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Mediscore: What if you could choose a hospital based on the criteria you cared?

Alejandro Alvarado, Michael Lima, Sterling Jay Scott and Matthew Pineda were the winners of the Biola Hacks, the first ever hacks to make an impact, started from 13th May 2017 to 14th May at Biola University in California, USA. Biola Hacks is a two-day, overnight beginner friendly hackathon event open to software programmer or designer. People came together to collaborate and innovate with a team to solve problems and create something amazing.

Mediscore won the Prize for Best Use of John Snow Labs datasets, which were provided as part of their Hackathon sponsorship program.


Lack of transparency in the merit of different hospitals.
Nationwide, the healthcare industry does not make enough efforts to inform the public on their options.


Use John Snow Labs Hospital database to show users how well the hospitals in their area perform.
With MediScore, consumers will have personalized recommendations based on their individual healthcare needs.

They have used the Consumer Rating, Timely Effective Care and Total Performance, Imaging Efficiency, Hospital Locations Data sets. All of them were in the John Snow Labs’ Hospitals subfolder.
“Ideally, the user will rank the preference of some key metrics (here we had consumer rating, timely effective care, total performance, imaging efficiency) and our application will assign a score to the hospitals in the area. The consumer is then able to see those scores on a nice interface and understand the relative performance of hospitals in his area.” said Alejandro.

How Mediscore reaches its audience

  1. Advertise directly to physicians via “Continued Education” conferences.
  2. Mass market to primary consumers, monetize via Adsense. Create market incentive for hospitals to release data.
  3. Solidify the platform as a reliable healthcare data resource.


This is a lot of uncertainty in patients when choosing a hospital to be served at. We wanted to use this chance provided with the resources of important qualities in a hospital chose and give the user the ability to filter what they care about most.

What it does

This product takes the users location, and give them the ability to categorize which qualities are most important in a ranking system and find the hospital with the highest score to that ranking.

How it’s built

They built it using a react front end to display the data an receive the users input. All API queries and fed to a clojure back end where we are processing the data and sending a ranking back.


We ran into many challenges displaying the data visually. With the timeframe of the hackathon it didn’t make sense to create their own code extensive graphics, so they used an npm module for drag/dropping elements. This caused them major setbacks and made custom changes to the UI tricky.

Checkout MediScore Powerpoint presentation HERE!

Built With

• react
• clojure
• heroku
• javascript

Try it out here on GitHub Repo

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