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NLP Lab Blog

End-to-End, No-Code Studio for Training & Tuning AI Models. 

Projects Combining Models trained with different embeddings, New View setup set in Project Configuration and more in Annotation Lab

Annotation Lab supports projects combining models trained with multiple embeddings for preannotation as well as...

Improved Labeling and Models Hub Pages in the Annotation Lab

Updated Sign-In Screen In the previous version, the login page was simple with static images. Now the Sign-In page highlights the new features we add to the Annotation Lab with...

Programmatic labeling in Annotation Lab

This video shows programmatic labeling in Annotation Lab. Programmatic labeling can be done using rules or models. Here we will demonstrate using rules to speed up the manual annotation process.

New UI and improved User Experience in Annotation Lab 4.0

We are very excited to release Annotation Lab 4.0 with a completely refreshed UI/UX. All the pages and components used across the application have been redesigned. Along with these updates,...

How to create a NER project in Annotation Lab

This video shows how to create a NER project in Annotation Lab. Named Entity Recognition (NER) refers to the identification and classification of entities mentioned in unstructured text into pre-defined...