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No-Code Finance & Legal NLP in the Annotation Lab 

Annotation Lab is now the NLP Lab – the Free No Code AI platform by John Snow Labs

Annotation Lab now includes a full-fledged integration with two new NLP libraries: Finance NLP and natural language processing for legal documents. Pretrained models for the Finance and Legal verticals are now available on the Models Hub page, covering tasks such as Entity Recognition, Assertion Status, and Text Classification.

Searching models on Models Hub

A new filter called `Edition` was added to the Models Hub. It includes all supported NLP editions: Healthcare (including Clinical NLP), Opensource, Legal (with NLP for contracts), Finance and Visual. When selecting one option, e.g. “Legal”, users will be presented with all available models for that specific domain. This will ease the exploration of available models, which can then easily be downloaded and used within Annotation Lab projects.

No-Code Finance & Legal NLP in the Annotation Lab

Support for Finance and Legal Licenses

The use of Finance and/or Legal resources is conditioned on the presence of a valid license with legal and/or finance scopes. Annotation Lab now supports the import of those new types of licenses, that can be uploaded via the Licenses page. Similar to the Healthcare and Visual licenses, they unlock access to optimized annotators, models, embeddings, and rules.

No-Code Finance & Legal NLP in the Annotation Lab

Pre-annotations using Finance and Legal models

Finance and Legal models downloaded from the Models Hub can be used for pre-annotation in NER, assertion status and classification projects. For this, users need to add the downloaded models to their project configuration from the “Predefined Labels” widget (step 3 on the project configuration wizard). To preannotate a selection of tasks, the current project configuration needs to be deployed as a new preannotation server. Preannotation can be triggered using the `Pre-Annotate` button on the Tasks page.

No-Code Finance & Legal NLP in the Annotation Lab

Train Finance and Legal models

When training a new NER pretrained model in NLP Annotation Lab, users have the option to select what library to use. Two options were available up until now: Open source and Healthcare. This release adds two new options: Legal and Finance. This helps differentiate the library used for training the models. The new options are only available when at least one valid license with the corresponding scope is added to the License page.

No-Code Finance & Legal NLP in the Annotation Lab

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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