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Spark NLP Blog

State of the Art Natural Language Processing at Scale.

In this post I will discuss four topics: 1) my journey to start with SparkNLP, 2) what went well, 3) what did not go well and, 4) getting certified.

Recognize over 18 entities such as Countries, People, Organizations, Products, Events, etc. using an out of the box pre-trained NerDLApproach trained on the OntoNotes corpus.

Recognize Persons, Locations, Organizations, and Misc entities using out of the box pre-trained Deep Learning models based on GloVe (glove_100d) and BERT (ner_dl_bert) word embeddings.

Automatically identify Joy, Surprise, Fear, Sadness in Tweets using out pretrained Spark NLP DL classifier.

This article covers how to train a custom NER model while leveraging the latest embeddings and techniques from the world of deep learning in Python using the lighting fast Spark-NLP...