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Content by Luca Martial

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Luca Martial is a Data Scientist at John Snow Labs. In this role, he has been building custom NLP solutions to showcase John Snow Labs’ healthcare library capabilities to customers, and training Spark NLP models for named entity recognition, relation extraction, text classification, de-identification and clinical entity resolution of medical notes and reports.

Text classification and named entity recognition with BertForTokenClassification & BertForSequenceClassification

Recognizing entities is a fundamental step towards understanding unstructured data in documents. Spark NLP includes state-of-the-art BERT-based models for token classification and sequence classification. This session will cover the background...

Contextual Parser: Increased Flexibility Extracting Entities in Spark NLP

In this article we’re going to review the functionalities of one of our most flexible annotators: ContextualParser. It’s a licensed annotator that allows users to extract entities from documents based...