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Improved Labeling and Models Hub Pages in the Annotation Lab

A new generation of the NLP Lab is now available: the Generative AI Lab. Check details here

Updated Sign-In Screen

In the previous version, the login page was simple with static images. Now the Sign-In page highlights the new features we add to the Annotation Lab with animated GIFs.

login-page (2)

Brightened Models HUB page

This version of Annotation Lab comes with a brightened and improved Models HUB page. The cards for models, embeddings, and rules are visually pleasing and highlight their source. The displayed information is much more compact and easy to read. The cards are visually separable just by looking at the colors and the card types.

1. Models HUB

Models Hub

2. Available Models

Available Models

3. Available Embeddings

Available Embeddings

4. Available Rules

Available Rules

Improved License Import Page

This version provides detailed instructions on how to import licenses and how to get a trial license.


License Information Banner

A license information banner is now available on the Clusters and License pages.



Get & Install It Here.

Full Feature Set Here.

Programmatic labeling in Annotation Lab

This video shows programmatic labeling in Annotation Lab. Programmatic labeling can be done using rules or models. Here we will demonstrate using...