Cardio-Vascular Disease Cases By Year And England Area

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This dataset contains the estimated percentages of patients in the general practitioners (GP) disease registers with cardiovascular disease (hypertension, ischemic heart disease or stroke/transient ischemic attack) by England regions, counties and unitary authorities, and the deprivation level. Comparison to England and region levels are also available in the dataset.


The dataset source, Public Health England, is an executive agency of the Department of Health & Social Care, part of England Government. The primary data have been collected through the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), introduced as part of the General Medical Services (GMS) contract on 1 April 2004. The objective of the QOF is to improve the quality of care patients are given by rewarding practices for the quality of care they provide to their patients.

The numerator and denominator data are based on the individuals existent in the general practitioner’s disease registers and each of the proportions of individuals with one of the specified cardio-vascular is multiplied by 100.

The confidence intervals are calculated using the Wilson Score method, the preferred method for calculating confidence intervals for proportions and odds, and which can be also used for rates, as long as the event rate is low (relatively rare events within the population) as the Binomial distribution is a very good approximation to the Poisson distribution when the event rate is low.

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Public Health England Data, Prevalence Of Hypertension, Prevalence Of Ischemic Heart Disease, Prevalence Of Coronary Heart Disease, Prevalence Of Stroke, Prevalence Of Transient Ischemic Attack, Cardiovascular Disease Statistics, Financial Year Data, England Regions, Deprivation Index

Other Titles

Cardio-Vascular Diseases Annual Statistics For England, NHS Quality and Outcomes Framework Cardio-Vascular Disease Group Data, Cardio-Vascular Diseases Prevalence In England

Data_VersionThe year for which the percentage of individuals with the specified cardio-vascular disease has been calculateddate-
Indicator_Original_IDThe cardiovascular disease indicator ID used by Public Health Englandintegerlevel : Nominal
Cardio_Vascular_Disease_IndicatorSpecifies the type of cardiovascular disease for which the percentage has been calculatedstring-
England_Upper_Tier_AreaIncludes England and England regions, where the lower tier area is locatedstring-
Upper_Tier_Area_CodeIncludes the codes of England and England regionsstring-
England_Lower_Tier_AreaSpecifies name of the area for which the indicator values have been calculatedstring-
Lower_Tier_Area_CodeSpecifies the code of the area for which the indicator value has been calculatedstring-
Lower_Tier_Area_TypeSpecifies the type of the area for which the indicator value has been calculatedstringenum : Array
Index_Of_Multiple_Deprivation_VersionIndicates whether the year of IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation) version, based on which the deprivation level has been calculated, is 2010 or 2015date-
Deprivation_Area_LevelSpecifies if the deprivation level (decile or cluster shape type) is corresponding to a type of England area or to a Clinical Commissioning Groupstring-
Deprivation_LevelIndicates the deprivation decile or the Clinical Commissioning Group cluster shape typestring-
Measurement_Period_FY_First_YearIndicates the first year of the financial year when the data used to calculate the indicator value have been collecteddate-
Measurement_Period_FY_Second_YearIndicates the second (ending) year of the financial year when the data used to calculate the indicator value have been collecteddate-
Percent_With_Cardio_Vascular_Disease_EstimationThe estimated value of the percentage of individuals from practice disease registers with the specified cardio-vascular conditionnumberlevel : Ratio
Estimated_Percent_Confidence_Interval_LowThe lower limit of the confidence interval for the estimated indicator valuenumberlevel : Ratio
Estimated_Percent_Confidence_Interval_HighThe upper limit of the confidence interval for the estimated indicator valuenumberlevel : Ratio
Recorded_With_Cardio_Vascular_DiseaseThe number of individuals in practice disease registers with the specified cardio-vascularintegerlevel : Ratio
All_Patients_In_Practice_ListThe total number of individuals in practice disease registersintegerlevel : Ratio
Note_For_Indicator_ValueNote provided for the calculated indicator valuestring-
Estimated_Value_Recent_TrendIndicates if the estimated value for the specified measurement period is significantly increased, decreased or not changed significantly, compared to the value from the previous period of measurementstringenum : Array
Compared_To_England_ValueSpecifies if the corresponding indicator value is worse, better or similar to England indicator estimated valuestringenum : Array
Compared_To_Region_ValueSpecifies if the corresponding indicator is worse, better or similar to the parent England region indicator estimated valuestringenum : Array
2012273Coronary heart diseaseE92000001EnglandCountry201220133.343.333.34187039556012096
2013273Coronary heart diseaseE92000001EnglandCountry201320143.293.293.30185486756324887
2014273Coronary heart diseaseE92000001EnglandCountry201420153.253.243.25184381356817654
2015273Coronary heart diseaseE92000001EnglandCountry201520163.203.193.20183933057549410
2016273Coronary heart diseaseE92000001EnglandCountry201620173.153.153.16182977758029147Decreasing