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Comparative Toxicogenomics Database Data Package

$1,308 $909 / YEAR

This data package contains Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) datasets, providing details regarding relationships between genes, chemicals and diseases and the significance of these inferences.

Helps curating scientific data describing relationships between chemicals, genes/proteins, diseases, taxa, phenotypes, GO annotations, pathways, and interaction modules.; Comparative Toxicogenomics Database is normalized according to JSL standards and split up into 14 datasets category wise.
Update Frequency: Monthly
Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 12
1. Chemical Disease Associations ($199)
2. Chemical Gene Interaction Types ($79)
3. Chemical Gene Interactions ($79)
4. Chemical Gene Ontology Enriched Associations ($199)
5. Chemical Pathway Vocabulary ($79)
6. Chemical Vocabulary ($79)
7. Disease Pathway Associations ($79)
8. Gene Disease Associations ($79)
9. Gene Expression Vocabulary ($79)
10. Gene Ontology Disease Gene Inference Networks ($199)
11. Gene Pathways ($79)
12. Health Diseases Vocabulary ($79)