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Genetic Associations Data Package

$2,953.50 $2,066 / YEAR

This data package contains information on genetic associations including biochemical protein-protein interaction, genetic variation, gene chemical interaction and protein kinase interactome.

This data package can be useful for further gene research and genetic studies.
Update Frequency: Irregular
Data Complexity: Complex
Number of Datasets: 9
1. Biochemical Protein Protein Interactions ($716)
2. Epilepsy Genetics Meta Analysis Publications ($179)
3. Epilepsy Pharmacogenetics Published and Unpublished Research ($179)
4. Epilepsy Susceptibility Genes Published and Unpublished Research ($179)
5. Gene Alteration Clinical Condition And Intervention ($179)
6. Gene Chemical Interactions ($447.5)
7. Human and Animal Cell Lines ($179)
8. Human Mitogen Activated Protein MAP Kinase Interactome ($179)
9. Protein Post Translational Modifications ($716)