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Immunization Coverage Data Data Package

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Immunization Coverage Data package contains statistics related to immunization at country and city level, by type of vaccine and age group. The sources of data are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC), which is described as forum for the leaders of America’s largest metropolitan health departments.

Useful for epidemiologists, public health specialists and specialized institutions that plan and assess health services.; Useful for researchers seeking to improve the methods, regulations, health policies and strategy.; The raw version can be found on authors website, but JSL is offering a clean, standardized and easier to use version, alone or in combination with other datasets found in JSL dataset library. ; The fields descriptions along with the dataset description are again useful for user to quick understand the data and the dataset.
Update Frequency: Annual/ Irregular
Data Complexity: Complex
Number of Datasets: 5
1. Big Cities Immunization Coverage Rates ($79)
2. CDC Immunization Coverage 13 to 17 Year Olds 2011 to 2014 ($79)
3. CDC Immunization Coverage 19 to 35 Months 2011 to 2014 ($79)
4. CDC Immunization Coverage Kindergarten Student 2011 to 2014 ($79)
5. DTP3 Immunization Coverage 1986 to 2006 ($79)