• Which organization is responsible for assigning top-level domain names?
  • How to use Google Analytics
  • What is the term used to describe the ports assigned by the internet assigned numbers authority


  • Networks database, internet top level domains, Media types

Internet Data Package

$750 / YEAR

This data package contains datasets on Austin Google Analytics, IPv4 address networks database, internet top level domains such as .com and .uk. It also contains a list of media types, media subtypes, and their file extensions and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) administered copyright treaties.

Marketing Campaign Optimization; Website Usability Improvement; Business Benefits; Target Audience Identification; Budget Allocation
Update Frequency: Irregular
Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 6
1. Austin Google Analytics ($0)
2. IPv4 Geolocation ($0)
3. Internet Top Level Domain Names ($0)
4. List of Internet Media Types And Subtypes ($0)
5. Membership to International Copyright Treaties ($0)
6. NYC Social Media Usage ($0)

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