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  • LBB Quarterly Performance Of The Measures
  • Quality Measures Reporting 2018-2019
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  • Performance Report
  • Quarterly Performance
  • Performance Report 2018-2019
  • LBB Report
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London Borough of Barnet Performance Reporting 2018-2019

This dataset contains the list of the second quarter London Borough of Barnet (LBB) performance reporting of 2018-2019. The most up to date information on the Corporate Plan can be found in the 2018/19 Addendum to the Corporate Plan.

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The quarterly performance of the measures of success outlined in the council’s Corporate Plan. The council currently has five corporate priorities which are summarized below:

– Delivering quality services
– Responsible growth, regeneration and investment
– Building resilience in residents and managing demand
– Transforming local services
– Promoting community engagement, facilitating independence and building community capacity.

Each year, the Council will publish an addendum to the Corporate Plan which sets out updated targets for the year ahead. The 2018/19 update was agreed at Full Council on 4 April 2016.
In addition to the Corporate Plan, each Theme Committee has a Commissioning Plan that sets out the strategic priorities and performance measures for each Committee. Similarly to the Corporate Plan, each year, the Council will publish an addendum for each Commissioning Plan which sets out updated targets for the year ahead. The 2018/19 updates were agreed by Theme Committees during March 2016.

– Adults and Safeguarding
– Assets, Regeneration and Growth
– Children, Education, Libraries and Safeguarding
– Community Leadership
– Environment
– Housing
– Public Health
Each of the Council’s in-house Delivery Units has a Management Agreement that sets out the actions for delivering the relevant sections of the Commissioning Plans, along with key indicators to help monitor performance.

The Council’s Corporate Plan for 2015-20 sets vision and strategy for the next five years based on the core principles of fairness, responsibility and opportunity to make sure Barnet is a place:

– of opportunity, where people can further their quality of life
– where people are helped to help themselves, recognizing that prevention is better than cure
– where responsibility is shared, fairly
– where services are delivered efficiently to get value for money for the taxpayer

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Performance Report, Quarterly Performance, Performance Report 2018-2019, LBB Report, Report 2018-2019, Barnet Social Services, Corporate Planning, Barnet Borough, Barnet Council

Other Titles

LBB Quarterly Performance Of The Measures, Quality Measures Reporting 2018-2019, Corporate Plan And Performance Reporting

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
Reporting_FrequencyReporting periodstring-
Type_Of_IndicatorIndicator Type (Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI), like variances, allow you to assess the health of a project. In specific, SPI and CPI help you analyze the efficiency of schedule performance and cost performance of any project)string-
Reference_NoReport Reference Numberstring-
IndicatorIndicator Descriptionstring-
PolarityLBB Report Polarity (A state in which two ideas, opinions are completely opposite or very different from each other)string-
Annual_Target_2018_19Annual Target for the Year 2018-2019string-
Annual_Target_Notes_2018_19Annual Target Notes for the year 2018-2019string-
Q2_Target_2018_19Second Quarter Target for the Year 2018-2019string-
Target_Notes_2018_19_Q2Second Quarter Target Notes for the Year 2018-2019string-
Q2_Result_2018_19Second Quarter Result for the Year 2018-2019string-
Result_Notes_2018_19_Q2Second Quarter Result Notes for the Year 2018-2019string-
DOT_Long_Term_From_Q2_2018_19Second Quarter Long Term Result for the Year 2018-2019string-
RAG_RatingThe RAG system is a popular project management method of rating for issues or status reports, based on Red, Amber (yellow), and Green colors used in a traffic light rating system.string-
Benchmarking_MetricsBenchmarking Metrics (Percentage of The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) measures how well care and support services achieve the outcomes that matter most to people and CIPFA is the leading accountancy body for the public services providing education and training in accountancy and financial management.string-

Data Preview

Reporting FrequencyType Of IndicatorReference NoIndicatorPolarityAnnual Target 2018 19Annual Target Notes 2018 19Q2 Target 2018 19Target Notes 2018 19 Q2Q2 Result 2018 19Result Notes 2018 19 Q2DOT Long Term From Q2 2018 19RAG RatingBenchmarking Metrics
QuarterlyCPIAC/S9 ASCOF2A (2)Permanent admissions to residential and nursing care homes, per 100,000 population age 65+Smaller is Better468234.0145I (-21.5%)GreenNearest Neighbours 404.2England 610.7(NASCIS, 2016/17)
QuarterlyCPIAC/C14Permanent admissions to residential and nursing care homes, per 100,000 population age 18-64*Smaller is Better126.03W (81.4%)GreenNearest Neighbours 7.7England 12.8(NASCIS, 2016/17)
QuarterlyCPIAC/C12Number of delayed transfers of care from hospital per 100,000 population (aged 18+) which are attributable to NHS + Social Care + BothSmaller is Better77.07I (-35.9%)AmberCIPFA Neighbours 6.39London 6.36England 10.13(May 2018, Department of Health)
QuarterlyCPIAC/C13 (ASCOF 2C/2)Delayed transfers of care from hospital per day per 100,000 population which are attributable to adult social care only Smaller is Better22.02I (-64.0%)GreenCIPFA Neighbours 2.03London 1.79England 3.00(May 2018, Department of Health)
QuarterlyCPIAC/S3 (ASCOF 1G)Percentage of adults with learning disabilities who live in their own home or with their family Bigger is Better11.01I (13.8%)GreenNearest Neighbours 68.5%England 76.2%(NASCIS, 2016/17)
QuarterlyCPIAC/S4 (ASCOF 1E)Percentage of adults with learning disabilities in paid employmentBigger is Better00.00W (-13.6%)RedNearest Neighbours 9.1%England 5.7%(NASCIS, 2016/17)
QuarterlyCPIAC/S5 (ASCOF 1F)Percentage of adults with mental health needs in paid employment Bigger is Better00.00I (9.9%)GreenNo benchmark available
QuarterlyCPIAC/S6 (ASCOF 1H)Percentage of adults with mental health needs who live independently, with or without supportBigger is Better11.01 I (.8%)AmberNo benchmark available
QuarterlyCPICG/C37Total number of leisure attendancesBigger is Better11630000290750.0265911Not comparableamberNo benchmark available
AnnualCPIREGENKPI01Number of New Homes completedBigger is Better3100Monitor211W (-25.2%)monitorNo benchmark available