Real Estate Across The United States Building Inventory

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This dataset shows the Real Estate Across the United States (REXUS) is the primary tool used to track and manage the government’s real property assets and to store inventory data, building data, customer data, and lease information. This dataset contains building inventory that consists of both owned and leased buildings with active and excess status.

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The Location Code, Region,Building Address, City, County, State, Zip, Congressional District, Building Status, Property Type, American National Standards Institute Usable Square feet and Total Parking Space, Owned Or Leased, Construction Date, Historical Type, Historical Status and Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Flag of the building is described in detail in the dataset.
General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal assists state and local governments, eligible public institutions, and non-profit organizations in acquiring real property that is surplus to the needs of the Federal Government. Surplus properties that are not conveyed to eligible recipients for public purpose are sold by GSA to private individuals and companies by competitive bid. GSA try to balance benefits to local communities and maximize returns to taxpayers as unneeded Federal property moved to productive-and often tax-generating use. When disposing of Federal real estate, the Office of Real Property Utilization and Disposal follows a process mandated by Federal Law and Executive Orders (however, not every property goes through every step of the process).

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Real Estate Across The United States Building Inventory, Real Estate Property Data on State location and Zip Code, Building inventory Area Park Space and Accessibility

Name Description Type Constraints
Location_CodeUnique identifier for the PBS owned or leased building.string-
RegionThe Region field identifies the region where the building is located.string-
Building_Address1Line one of the street address of the building.string-
Building_Address2Optional 2nd line of a building’s address.string-
CityThe city in which the building is locatedstring-
CountyThe county in which the building is located.string-
StateThe state or country abbreviation where the building is locatedstring-
Zip_CodeA 9-digit code that identifies the city zip code for the building locationintegerlevel : Nominal
Congressional_DistrictThe number of the Congressional District where the building is located.string-
Building_StatusThe current status of the building.string-
Property_TypeFRPC (Federal Real Property Council) Real Property Type identifies the asset as one of the following categories of real property: Building, Land, or Structure. This field works in conjunction with the Property Type field.string-
American_National_Standards_Institute_Usable_SquarefeetThe sum of usable SQFT for a given building.numberlevel : Ratio
Total_Parking_SpacesTotal number of parking spaces for a given building record.numberlevel : Ratio
Owned_Or_LeasedInternal system value that identifies whether the building is owned or leased.string-
Construction_DateThis field is used to identify the date the building is substantially completed.string-
Historical_TypeCode identifying the historical type of the location or areastring-
Historical_StatusCode identifying the historical value of the locationstring-
Architectural_Barriers_Act_Accessibility_FlagThe Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) requires that facilities designed, built, altered, or leased with federal funds are accessible to the physically handicapped. This field indicates if the building does or does not meet these guidelines.string-
ME0861New England Region188 MAIN ST MadawaskaAroostookMaine475614392ActiveLand00Owned1900-01-00NoneNot EvaluatedNo
NH0012New England Region40 Oak St PortsmouthRockinghamNew Hampshire380133501ActiveLand00Owned1900-01-00NoneNot EvaluatedYes
IL2625Great Lakes Region231 S LA SALLE ST ChicagoCookIllinois6060414267ActiveBuilding549413Leased1900-01-00NoneNot EvaluatedNo
AZ8246Pacific Rim Region431 N. 2ND AVENUE AjoPimaArizona8532123683ActiveLand00Leased2010-01-01Field Not In UseNot EvaluatedYes
CA8226Pacific Rim Region200 W 8TH ST AlturasModocCalifornia9610132031ActiveBuilding2401740Leased1900-01-00NoneNot EvaluatedYes
MD1901National Capital Region11785 Beltsville Dr BeltsvillePrince George'SMaryland2070531194ActiveBuilding00Leased1900-01-00 No
MT0801Rocky Mountain RegionST HWY 234 HavreHillMontana5950162100ActiveBuilding00Owned1965-01-01Field Not In UseNot EvaluatedYes
NV8160Pacific Rim Region2363 5TH ST ElkoElkoNevada8980184592ActiveBuilding24004Leased2009-09-03Field Not In UseNot EvaluatedYes
IL2620Great Lakes Region5561 S ARCHER AVE ChicagoCookIllinois6063830033ActiveBuilding1900075Leased1900-01-00NoneNot EvaluatedYes
CT3448New England Region15 THAMES ST GrotonNew LondonConnecticut634036292ActiveBuilding223710Leased1900-01-00NoneNot EvaluatedYes
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