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  • OASDI Social Security Taxation Of Workers By Employment And Residence
  • Federal Taxable Workers Earnings For OASDI Social Security By States
  • Workers Taxable Earnings For OASDI Social Security Contributions


  • Federal OASDI
  • Social Security Tax
  • Social Security OASDI
  • OASDI Tax Rate 2014
  • Federal Tax Rate

Workers Under Social Security OASDI Contributions And Demographics

The dataset provides the number of workers with taxable earnings for Social Security Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program by employment type, county, state of residence and gender of workers, their eligible earnings for taxation and by the state of residence, gender and the age of workers.

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The dataset is a rich data source for researchers and policymakers who are interested in studying the primary revenue source for the Social Security Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance, OASDI program. When coupled with the Social Security Administration publication OASDI Beneficiaries by State and County, these data are valuable for studying the impact of the Social Security program and are used for this purpose in academia, private industry, and state governments. The Federal Insurance and Self-Employment Contribution Acts (FICA and SECA) require the withholding of taxes from wages of employed persons and the net earnings of most self-employed persons for the Social Security and Medicare programs.

The location data is based on the residence geographic coding system. State and county designations are based on employee residence shown on the W-2 wage reports that employers send to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and on addresses matched to self-employment earnings reports. Where a county name is not available, the residence is shown as “Unknown” within the state. The tables show workers with earnings reported in more than one state or county during the year in one location, mainly their end-of-year residence. The logic sequence for coding a worker’s residence begins with the address associated with self-employment. Since this report is based on a 1 percent sample, the data are subject to sampling variability. Each number is actually an estimate of the true value in the overall population. A result of sampling is that the numbers have a level of uncertainty, and this uncertainty increases as the numbers get smaller. Therefore, the user should view numbers shown here, particularly the relatively smaller ones, with that result in mind. To protect the privacy of workers, table cells with fewer than 10 sample cases at the county level are not shown. The data for the OASDI program excludes the earnings of persons in jobs covered by Medicare only, for example, government employees hired after March 1986 under state and local retirement plans and federal employees hired before 1983 under the Civil Service Retirement System. However, their earnings from any part-time employment or self-employment under Social Security are counted.

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United States


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Federal OASDI, Social Security Tax, Social Security OASDI, OASDI Tax Rate 2014, Federal Tax Rate

Other Titles

OASDI Social Security Taxation Of Workers By Employment And Residence, Federal Taxable Workers Earnings For OASDI Social Security By States, Workers Taxable Earnings For OASDI Social Security Contributions

Data Fields

Name Description Type Constraints
StateThe full name of the U.S. state or equivalent areastring-
CountyThe full name of the county located in the corresponding U.S. statestring-
GenderThe gender of the current workersstring-
Age_GroupThe age group of the current workersstring-
Employment_TypeSpecifies whether the group of current workers contains only wage and salaried workers or only self-employed workers or both type of workersstring-
Workers_With_Oasdi_Taxable_EarningsThe estimated number of workers from a state (and county, if available), belonging to gender, age and employment type group, whom earnings are Social Security (OASDI) taxableintegerlevel : Ratio
Earnings_Amount_Oasdi_TaxableThe workers estimated amount of Social Security (OASDI) taxable earnings divided by 1,000; missing values corresponds to cases with fewer than 10 sample casesnumber-
Oasdi_ContributionThe workers estimated amount of Social Security (OASDI) contributions, divided by 1,0000; missing values corresponds to cases with fewer than 10 sample casesnumber-

Data Preview

UtahRichMenAll age groupsBoth types
IowaAdamsMenAll age groupsBoth types
KansasElkMenAll age groupsBoth types
OhioNobleMenAll age groupsBoth types
TexasCokeMenAll age groupsBoth types
TexasHallMenAll age groupsBoth types
TexasKentMenAll age groupsBoth types
TexasKingMenAll age groupsBoth types
TexasKnoxMenAll age groupsBoth types
TexasLynnMenAll age groupsBoth types