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Content by Jiri Dobes

Jiri Dobes is the Head of Solutions in John Snow Labs. He has been leading the development of machine learning solutions in healthcare and other domains for the past five years. Jiri is a PMP certified project manager. His previous experience includes delivering large projects in the power generation sector and consulting for the Boston Consulting Group and large pharma. Jiri holds a Ph.D. in mathematical modeling.

De-identification under HIPAA: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction  If you were a doctor consulting with another doctor, you might naturally say, “I had a case like that three years ago, and here’s what I did.” You wouldn’t...

Automatic mining of adverse drug reactions from social media posts and unstructured chats

It is estimated that adverse drug reactions (ADR) cost around $30 billion per year in the US only. Yet, most ADRs remain hidden – only around 5% of ADRs are...

Automating Clinical Trial Master File Migration & Information Extraction

Pharmaceutical Companies who conduct clinical trials, looking to get new treatments to market as quickly as possible, possess a high volume of documents. Millions of documents can be created as...