• Female Breast Cancer Age Adjusted Mortality Rates
  • Children Cancer Survival in England 1990 to 2016
  • Adults (Aged 15-99 Years) Cancer Survival


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  • Cancer Disease
  • Cancer Facts And Figures
  • Diagnosis of Cancer Pdf
  • Cancer Death Rates
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  • Breast Cancer Facts And Figures

Cancer Statistics Data Package

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This data package contains information on cancer its type, its occurrence by age, type and site. It also provides detailed data on adult and childhood cancer survival rates and deaths caused by breast cancer in females.

Useful for healthcare researchers and students studying cancer.; Useful to get information about different types of cancer and cancer sites.; Easy to use, normalized data available on breast cancer prevalence and deaths caused by it.
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Data Complexity: Simple
Number of Datasets: 10
1. Adult Cancer Survival in England 2011 to 2015 ($179)
2. Brain Cancer by Tumor Site ($179)
3. Cancer Types Grouped by Age ($179)
4. Cancer Types Grouped by Area ($447.5)
5. Cancer Types Grouped by Site ($179)
6. Childhood Cancer Survival in England 1990 to 2016 ($179)
7. Female Breast Cancer Death Data 2013 ($179)
8. Female Breast Cancer Incidence and Death Rates by State 1999 to 2013 ($179)
9. Female Breast Invasive Cancer Incidence Data 2013 ($179)
10. US Cancer Incidence Rates ($179)