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USDA Report on Productivity Growth in Farm Sectors Data Package

$716 $500 / YEAR

The data package consists of total farm output, input and total factor productivity and location of farmer markets in the united states. It also provides data on U.S. price indices and quantities of farm output and input and real commodity trade weighted exchange rates.

This data package, updated annually, helps to Improve the agricultural productivity which has been the world's primary means of assuring that the needs of a growing population don't outstrip the ability to supply food. Over the past 50 years, productivity growth in agriculture has allowed food to become more abundant and cheaper even as world population more than doubled.; One of the most informative measures of agricultural productivity is total factor productivity (TFP). TFP takes into account all of the land, labor, capital, and material resources employed in farm production and compares them with the total amount of crop and livestock output. If total output is growing faster than total inputs, then the total productivity of the factors of production (i.e., total factor productivity, or TFP) is increasing.; He data also provides a practicable way of measuring changes in agricultural TFP over time given available data on agricultural outputs, inputs, and their prices.
1. Real Commodity Trade Weighted Exchange Rates ($179)
2. US Farmers Market Location ($179)
3. United States Price Indices and Quantities of Farm Output and Input ($179)
4. United States Total Farm Output Input and Total Factor Productivity ($179)