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data science Archives | John Snow Labs

Data Curation
October 1, 2018

Data Quality as a Crucial Part of DataOps  

Data quality is an aspect of data operations that should definitely not be overlooked. The…
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Big Data Healthcare
September 4, 2018

Big Data is the New Battleground in Healthcare

Big data is transforming the world in numerous ways. Many industries changed when analysts and…
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Data Curation
July 10, 2018

A SET OF MEDICARE INDICATORS (II) – Medicare Financing in 2015

Introduction and definitions The second part of the article series having as common theme (a…
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Data Science Healthcare
March 20, 2018

John Snow Labs Catalog Reinforces its US and UK Datasets

      In this release, 32 additional datasets are freshly curated and normalized to…
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Data Science Healthcare
March 13, 2018

Data Science as a Critical Component of Today’s Healthcare Industry

Exponential advances in data science are radically transforming healthcare Traditional healthcare models are reactive. Patients…
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Data Science
March 6, 2018

How We Use Natural Language Processing at John Snow Labs

Two years ago I joined John Snow Labs and had the opportunity to work with…
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Data ScienceDataOpsPress Release
February 26, 2018

John Snow Labs Launches First White Label Data Science Platform To Help Businesses Build Scalable, Cost-Effective AI Solutions

John Snow Labs’ enterprise-grade platform helps businesses generate new revenue by deploying AI solutions in…
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Big DataData ScienceDataOps
February 5, 2018

Hierarchical Classification – a useful approach when predicting thousands of possible categories

Traditionally, most of the multi-class classification problems (i.e. problems where you want to predict where…
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