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Health and Disease Indicator Reports Data Package

$3,401 $2,379 / YEAR

This data package consists of chronic diseases and community health indicator reports and reports about Medicare beneficiaries of atrial fibrillation, heart attack, heart failure and ischemic heart disease and also death due to coronary heart disease and alcohol.

Enhances collaboration to address public issues. It provides tools to encourage progress. Informs decision making and improves research. Increases public knowledge about key issues
1. ARDI Alcohol Attributable Deaths due to Alcohol Use ($179)
2. ARDI Alcohol Attributable Fractions for Alcohol Use ($179)
3. ARDI Years of Potential Life Lost due to Alcohol Use ($179)
4. Atrial Fibrillation Medicare Beneficiaries by Number and Percentage ($179)
5. Cardiovascular and Ischemic Heart Disease Deaths from 2010 to 2017 ($179)
6. Community Health Indicator Reports NY ($179)
7. Congestive Heart Failure Admission Rate ($179)
8. Coronary Heart Disease Deaths ($716)
9. Health Status and Indicators by City US Total ($179)
10. Heart Attack Medicare Beneficiaries by Number and Percentage ($179)
11. Heart Disease Prevalence in Adults by Percent ($179)
12. Heart Disease Relative Risk ($179)
13. Heart Failure Medicare Beneficiaries by Percent ($179)
14. Ischemic Heart Disease Medicare Beneficiaries by Number and Percentage ($179)
15. Mean Systolic Blood Pressure 1990 and 2015 ($179)
16. US Chronic Disease Indicators ($179)