• U.S. Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops
  • Commercial Disappearance of Milk Products in the USA
  • USDA Table of Cooking Yields for Meat and Poultry
  • Milk Production in the United States
  • Milk Cost and Utilization of Milk and Milk Products


  • Genetic Engineering
  • Commercial Disappearance of Milk Products
  • Milk and Dairy Products
  • USDA Cooking Retention Factors
  • Cooking Yields
  • Milk Production and Supply
  • Dairy Industry Statistics
  • Milk Consumption Statistics
  • Farm Prices of wheat and Rye

USDA Yield and Retention Data Package

$1,521.50 $1,064 / YEAR

This data package contains information on USDA statistics on milk and dairy products production and supply, their utilization and commercial disappearance. It also provides information on wheat, meat and poultry cooking yield and adoption of genetically engineered crops in the United States.

- Useful for analytical purposes. - USDA data available in normalized form - Provides data on commodities exchange rates which are important for agricultural projections. - Provides estimates of productivity growth in the U.S. farm sector. - comprehensive list of farmers markets helps to locate a market in specific location.
1. Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops ($179)
2. Commercial Disappearance of Milk and Dairy Products ($179)
3. Meat and Poultry Cooking Yields ($179)
4. Milk Cows and Milk Production in the US ($179)
5. Milk Supply and Dairy Products Utilization ($179)
6. Wheat Production Yield and Farm Price ($447.5)
7. World Production of Fruits and Vegetables for US Importation ($179)