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  • European Medicines Agency Authorizations
  • European Medicines Agency Certificates
  • EudraGMPD Authorizations and Certificates


  • EEA Active substance
  • Pharmaceutical substance
  • Active substance inspection
  • EEA Good Distribution Practices
  • Good Distribution Practices Certificates
  • European GDP
  • Centralized GDP
  • European GMP
  • GMP inspection
  • EMA Orphan

European Medicine Agency Authorizations and Certificates Data Package

This data package allows access to all updated data of EudraGMDP databases including API sites registration certificates, Good Distribution Practices Certificates (GDP), Good Manufacturing Practice Certificates (GMP), Manufacturing and Importation Authorizations (MIA) and Wholesale Distributor Authorizations (WDA) delivered by The European Medicines Agency (EMA). Its includes also other data related to the European Agency like rare disease designation and withdrawn applications.

- Useful to users searching for data from EudraGMPD. - Useful to pharmaceutical companies and other interested parties, providing access EMA datasets about the certificates issued to European and Non-European entities and the designation and withdraw applications for rare diseases.

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