• Pharmacology Complete List of Peptides
  • Pharmacology Complete List of Antagonist Pharmacology
  • Pharmacology Targeted Therapy and Family List Identification
  • Pharmacology Interaction Data for Molecular Model
  • Pharmacology Protein Database and UniProt Accessions


  • Antibody response
  • Immunogenicity
  • Immunization
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Humanized antibody
  • Humanized monoclonal antibody
  • Recombinant antibody
  • Human Protein Synthesis
  • Monospecific Antibodies
  • Antigen Sequence

Gene Products and Targets Data Package

$2,148 $1,502 / YEAR

This data package contains datasets on gene products and targets including antigen-antibody responses, microarray protein expression, endogenous ligands and peptides, ligand molecules and interaction data for targets and ligands.  

This data can be useful for further research and for education and training in pharmacological principles and techniques. Information from this data package can be useful for researchers and students in pharmacology and drug discovery and provide the general public with accurate information on the basic science underlying drug action.
1. Pharmacology Complete List of Endogenous Ligands and Other Peptides ($447.5)
2. Pharmacology Complete List of Ligand Molecules ($447.5)
3. Pharmacology Complete Target and Family List Identification ($447.5)
4. Pharmacology Interaction Data for Targets and Ligands ($447.5)
5. Pharmacology Mapping of Target ID and UniProt Accessions ($179)
6. Pharmacology Mapping of Target and HGNC ID and Symbols ($179)