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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Data Package

$316 $219 / YEAR

This data package contains data on substance abuse and mental health and additional information including spending estimates for substance abuse and mental health and health facilities for mental health treatment.

This data is useful for public health officials, clinicians, and researchers seeking to improve mental health and substance abuse. This can be used for further research; public health officials and program managers for potential interventions, setting priority areas for action and evaluating progress; policymakers for policy use and development; public health practitioner and clinicians' aid in designing and implementing targeted interventions and monitoring the progress of public health strategies specifically targeting mental health and substance abuse.
Update Frequency: Never
Data Complexity: Medium
Number of Datasets: 4
1. Mental Health Spending Estimates ($79)
2. OSMI Mental Health in Tech Survey 2014 ($79)
3. Substance Abuse Spending Estimates ($79)
4. US Mental Health Treatment Facilities ($79)