• Obeyance And Dispersal General Practitioners Codes
  • US Healthcare Hospital Location
  • Codes for Dispensary Headquarters in England
  • General Practitioners Identifying Codes by Relative Health Trust in UK
  • General Information Regarding Long Term Care Hospitals


  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Abeyance and Dispersal Codes
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • Dispensaries HQ in England
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
  • Primary Care Trust (PCT)
  • General National Codes (GNC)
  • Long Term Care Hospitals LTCHs
  • Pharmacy Headquarters Organization
  • Medical Center

Hospital Compare General Information Data Package

$4,296 $2,505 / YEAR

This data package contains information about Abeyance, Dispersal and GP Practice Codes for Prescribing Cost Centres and Relevant Health Trusts. It comprises of datasets on Hospital Compare by General Practitioners and Long Term Care Hospitals by General Information and Provider data. It also includes datasets on Nurse Prescribers, Pharmacy Headquarters and Private Controlled Drug Prescribers in England as well as Medical Center Location of US Hospital.

Useful for general medical practitioners, medical care providers, hospitals, patients and consumers. Hospital Compare General Information database is available on Data.Gov.UK, (National Health Service, England NHS Digital), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data websites in raw form, whereas a JSL customer gets it in clean and normalized form ready to use in one place and create his own custom reports. Easy to comprehend for the customers who are unfamiliar with the medical terminologies as all abbreviated terms are replaced with full form, unlike Data.Gov.UK, (National Health Service, England NHS Digital), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level original datasets which are full of abbreviations. Recent dataset for 2016 is available for use.
1. Abeyance and Dispersal GP Codes ($179)
2. Clinics in England ($447.5)
3. Dispensaries in England ($179)
4. GP Practice Codes by Relevant Health Trusts in England and Wales ($179)
5. GP Practices Currently Followed and Prescribing Cost Centers ($447.5)
6. General Medical Practitioners Currently Working in England and Wales ($179)
7. General Practitioner Branch Surgeries in England ($179)
8. General Practitioner Branches in England ($179)
9. General Practitioners Codes by GP Practice ($179)
10. Hospital Acquired Conditions Reduction Program National ($179)
11. Hospital General Information and Performance Measures Comparison ($179)
12. Hospitals in England ($179)
13. Long Term Care Hospital General Information ($179)
14. Long Term Care Hospital Provider Data ($179)
15. MHAC Hospital Performance By PPC FY2016 ($179)
16. MHAC PPC Improvement by Hospital FY 2016 ($179)
17. Nurse Prescribers in England ($179)
18. Patients Registered at GP Practice by Age Group and Gender ($179)
19. Pharmacy Headquarters in England ($179)
20. Private Controlled Drug Prescribers in England ($179)
21. US Hospital Medical Center Location ($179)